Thread Taps
Thread Taps are the most popular type of tap, and they are built for a variety of various tapping jobs. They are specifically designed to cut the female portion of a mating pair of metal fasteners. Our taps are very cost effective to use. 

Thread Gauges
Thread Gauges are frequently used to detect tooling or setup issues, tool selection errors, bell-mouth openings, and burrs. The pitch or lead of a screw head is measured with a thread gauge. They are very effective to use.
Twist Drills
Twist Drills are frequently utilized in the automotive and construction industries. These drills are used in in drilling applications where spindle clearance is restricted. These drills are typically used for sheet metal drilling and spot centering operations.

Cutting Tools
Cutting Tools are mostly utilized to provide a specific size, form, and precision to a specified work piece. These tools are both efficient and secure. These tools are low-maintenance and low-cost to replace. These tools are very effective to use.

Thread Rolling Dies
Thread Rolling Dies employ hardened steel dies to displace and form ductile metals. Because they does not remove any metal from the work piece, the procedure differs from metal cutting, grinding, and chasing. They are very effective and economical to use.
Split Dies
Split Dies are used to slice or form the male part of mating pair. Chasing is the process of cleaning up a thread using both tools. These dies are very easy to install as well as simple to operate.
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